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AAM Co., Ltd The industrial 3D printer of STRATASYS, a global leading company provided by Double AM Co., Ltd., can be used in various fields. We offer a variety of models using five different methods : FDM, POLYJET, SAF, SL(SLA), and P3(DLP) We can make prototype in R&D stage, manufacture tools, jigs and fixtures that are used in the production and assembly stages, as well as the level of products that can finally be used as actual parts. From plastic containing CARBON to high-strength engineering plastics such as PA and ULTEM, or a wide range of materials such as high heat-resistance or flame-retardant materials can be selected to produce and utilize products with desired physical properties.
ace antenna 1.Anti-jamming GPS antenna All of the equipment that uses navigation systems like GPS(Global Positioning System), GLONASS(GLObal NAvigation Satellite System), and so on, are lost when they're attacked by radio jamming. Anti-jamming system is the technology to overcome radio disturbances. Currently, anti-jamming technology is applied in various weapon systems such as aircrafts, ground equipment, and guided missiles. Our company has developed and is currently producing anti-jamming antennas such as 4, 8, and 16 array used in anti-jamming systems 2. ELM-2112FP ELM-2112FP is an innovative advanced high-resolution foliage penetrating radar with unique and outstanding capabilities. Featuring simultaneous multi-beam technology, it provides persistent surveillance in foliage and instantaneous
ACEWAVETECH MARS is designed to check the performance of the receiver by radiating into free space and transmitting simulated signals to aircrafts, helicopters, transporters, reconnaissance aircraft and ships equipped with Radar Warning Receiver(RWR). Ensure confidence in practitioners and operators as the RWR system is operated under the best conditions by pre-checking prior to departure of during operation.
AeroVironment, inc. AeroVironment provides technology solutions at the intersection of robotics, sensors, software analytics and connectivity. Our products provide situational awareness to tactical operating units through real-time, airborne reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition.
AGENCORE CO., LTD. Gaseous Tritium Light Source, GTLS is the product of fire arm weapon system and used as light sources for sighting such as the luminous front sight of fire arms, mortars and self-propelled guns. GTLS is an illuminant which emits light without external power supply for more than 10 years by using Beta energy from Tritium, in particular, GTLS helps fulfillment of the operation without heat release and battery replacement in any extreme condition. With GTLS applied products of AGENCORE, we can stably supply localized GTLS which relied entirely on imports and expect increasing demand in the fields of night signs and lightings of various weapons systems.
AGOS INC. Based on a comprehensive anti-drone solution, it protects major facilities and lives from threats such as drone reconnaissance, surveillance, terrorism, and tactical attacks targeting national and military security facilities that can be exposed to the rapidly growing drone industry in Korea. We provide an anti-drone system that can prevent accidents such as damage in advance and take preemptive measures. Argos Integrated Solution has built an efficient detection solution by linking video and sound detection together with radar products that can detect long-range. We provide an optimal drone defense system that guarantees a high detection rate and defense range by combining radio jamming equipment that disables drones.
AIDIOS Co., Ltd. - Portable EOD X-ray System Equipment that X-rays an object suspected of being an explosive without physical contact and analyzes the inside of the dangerous material using a laptop or tablet PC. - EOD electronic stethoscope Equipment that checks whether the time-limited type works when a time-limited explosive device is identified for an object suspected of being an explosive. - Multi-purpose tactical vehicle A vehicle that supports the transportation of heavy equipment and the wounded, is compatible with various mission equipment, and can be operated in an off-road environment
Area9 Lyceum ApS Area9 Rhapsode™? ensures everyone operates at optimal proficiency and confidence while being aware of strengths and weaknesses through its precise, personalized Ai-powered adaptive delivery method. Area9 Rhapsode™? for Military and Defense: - Accelerates troop readiness through personalized and precise content delivery. - Strengthens knowledge skill-acquisition, and self-awareness. - Instantly identifies misconceptions, exposes where proficiency is falling behind and finds the most effective individual path to mastery for each learner. - Optimizes the learning experience for top performers to excel in their field with even more personalized content, cutting away what is unnecessary and demotivating.
ASSETTA 1. DOS Eye 2 The dual camera (EO/IR) mounted on the drone is useful for day and night search and reconnaissance. My drone is Participated in the drone demonstration project of Gyeonggi Province and drone demonstration project of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and are currently being used to search for wild boars now. 2. Libelula It means ‘dragonfly’ in Spanish, and it is a drone product planned and designed by Assetta. It is designed to be with flight stability and various mission equipment , and is being used for environmental monitoring by installing a multi-spectral sensor. 3. Liquid hydrogen VTOL It is a vertical take-off and landing drone that uses a liquid hydrogen fuel cell as a power source, can fly more than 12 hours, and is used for forest fire monitoring etc.
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